Les Jardins Céleste

Céleste Danis

Les Jardins Céleste, formerly known as Ferme Paul Danis, is a family farm cultivated by the Danis family since 1876 in Montcerf-Lytton. This land of several hundred acres, which has seen several agricultural productions, is now dedicated to vegetable production. We are in our 4th year of sweet corn and potato production and we also grow diversified vegetables on a small scale. A magnificent orchard of 1,000 cherry trees also allows us to sell delicious cherries, fresh or processed. A small fruit with exceptional taste and nutritional values, the cherry has long been known by the Japanese as the fruit of longevity of life and the fruit of vision. Being an early crop, we usually harvest the cherry throughout the month of July. Our ambition is to progressively increase the consumption of local and healthy fruits and vegetables, with the purpose to increase health of the Gatineau Valley community.

Products : Haskap, diversified vegetables and processed products

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