The attractiveness of public markets in Quebec cannot be denied!


Trois-Rivières, April 28th, 2021 – Over the past three years, 84% of seasonal public markets in Quebec have seen an increase in traffic. This growth confirms the attachment of Quebecers to their local public market.

This observation was made following the survey, carried out by the Tourism, Culture and Leisure team of Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton (RCGT), among members of the Association des marchés publics du Québec (AMPQ). Here are some highlights from this survey.

Highlights of 2020

  • 42% of seasonal public markets have experienced strong growth.
  • 42% slight growth and 16% stable growth, over the past three years.
  • The average number of visitors per seasonal public market (generally mid-June to mid-October) exceeded 16,000 visitors.
  • The average shopping basket was estimated at $ 44.83 per consumer / visit
    The average revenue per registered booth is $ 18,300 ($ 803 / day).
  • 64% of customers traveled less than 10 km to get to their market.
  • The merchants present are mainly producers (48%) and processors (29%).
  • Distributors / resellers only represent 8% and non-food artisans or other 15%.
  • The average occupancy rate of public markets is 86%.
  • 67% of public markets plan to invest an average of $ 21,300 over the next three years.
  • The success factors of a public market are: the variety of products offered, direct contact between merchants and customers, product quality and atmosphere.
  • The priority issues are: promotion, recruitment of merchants and variety of products.
  • The investment priorities are: increasing the product offer, promoting and diversifying the offer.

“The attachment of Quebecers to their local market continues to be confirmed and the pandemic has not weakened it. These nurturing public places, desired by the communities, are also privileged meeting places with producers and processors, as well as with people from their own community. The vitality of public markets is the growing witness to a mode of local consumption at all levels.” said the general manager of the Association des marchés publics, Jean-Nick Trudel.

About the Association des marchés publics du Québec

The AMPQ’s mission is to accompany and support the emergence, development and promotion of the Quebec public procurement network for the benefit of local communities and Quebec agri-food producers and artisans. The Association has more than 135 member public markets across Quebec. To find the contact details of a public market:

About the Tourism, Culture and Recreation team of Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton

Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton’s Tourism-Leisure-Culture team has more than thirty years of experience in planning and development, and provides businesses and organizations with an innovative approach and proven expertise recognized by all. The solid reputation of our team has been built on its ability to develop concrete recommendations, both to operators and to funders, and on the absence of “window dressing” in the proposed approaches and expected results. The Tourisme-Loisirs-Culture team is based in Quebec, Montreal and Saguenay, and has offices across Quebec.

Source :
Association des marchés publics du Québec