The Farmer’s Market Les Saveurs de la Vallée is the weekly rendezvous for epicureans who visit the Gatineau Valley during the summer season. It offers you to discover seasonal, fresh, local and quality food, all in a friendly atmosphere! In addition to its summer activities, the market team is currently working on several other one-off activities to promote the agricultural and culinary terroir of the Gatineau Valley including the Gourmet Fair,  a Thanksgiving market, a Christmas and Easter market.


The mission of the Farmer’s Market Les Saveurs de la Vallée is to promote the products and know-how of producers in the Gatineau Valley while fostering closer ties between producers, processors and consumers in the region.


The Farmer’s Market Les Saveurs de la Vallée was established in 2013 by Opération Diversification Agricole Haute-Gatineau (ODA), a group of local farmers. The ODA was motivated to promote agricultural producers to residents, vacationers and tourists who visited the Gatineau Valley. The market begins its operations on the grounds of the Chaloin Chocolate Factory in Gracefield with four local farmers.

The first two years of the market prove to be inspiring, a permanent structure project quickly germinates in the minds of producers. This development opportunity is being discussed with the Vallée-de-la-Gatineau MRC in 2018, which decides to invest in the project by taking over the acquisition of land and the construction of a permanent infrastructure completed by the fall of 2020. The market is now located there, convinced that it will continue to enhance the local value of the Gatineau Valley.

Needless to mention that the market has become, over time, the perfect spot to taste the flavours of the region.


The Market Organizing Committee is composed of the following producers :

The agricultural market can also count on the following employee :